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Aluminum Seating, Inc. has been serving the industry for more than 22 years. Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturers of all aluminum seating products. Our facility is located in the City of San Bernardino, in Southern California. Aluminum Seating is a company in the Uniform Building Code states that mainly designs and manufactures a superior and very durable line of aluminum bleachers, grandstands, benches, picnic tables, and other accessories.
We can also provide assistance in design and materials such as aluminum plank, plank covers, wheelchair ramps, platforms, stairs, steps, guardrails, and handrails for renovating or upgrading existing facilities.Lisences:

Aluminum Seating, Inc. is licensed by the California Contractors State License Board as a general contractor and as a limited specialty contractor. [License#697607]
Aluminum Seating, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Building Safety, City of Los Angeles as an aluminum fabricator.
[License #01498]

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